Our Employees

Luxaflor has a staff compliment of 530, 53% of which are male and 47% female. Under the Management of a young and vibrant management team led by Roelof Nugteren, the company places a high priority on the wellness of its employees, its most valuable asset. As such, employee-based programs are at the centre of the company’s continual improvement efforts which are buttressed by a participatory management philosophy. In order to facilitate company-wide 8 employee participation and involvement in decisions affecting their work, the company has set up  different committees or ideation platforms on different areas such as Employee Relations and Health Safety where employees are selected to participate and brainstorm around work-related problems and propose solutions to management. The company always ensures that its Human Resources policies and practices are in compliance with Zimbabwe’s Labour laws, ILO Conventions and in conformity to other non-statutory international labour standards such as those enunciated under Fair-Trade, MPS-ABC, GRASP and MPS-GAP. A qualified Human Resources practitioner is employed to oversee the design and implementation of Human Resources policies at Luxaflor Roses..

Employee Welfare

In keeping with the company’s emphasis on staff wellness, Luxaflor provides its employees with access to basic amenities free of charge such family and single  accommodation on the farm, on-site clinic manned by a qualified medical person , clean water, electricity ,and ablution  and recreation facilities where employees participate in sporting activities outside working hours. Under the fair-trade certification, a portion of the company’s revenue is set aside and deposited into an employee welfare investment account which is management and controlled by employees through a Fair-Trade Committee. The proceeds from the fund are distributed periodically among all employees for purposes of paying school fees and to meet other related family necessities.