All roses are grown and processed for the International export market, directly by Luxaflor Rose (Pvt) Ltd on Lot 1 Manyewe North Farm, Concession in the Mashonaland Central Province of Zimbabwe.

Our aim is to produce excellent quality roses that are marketed internationally, by maintaining high standards of post harvest, production management and cold chain.

22 ha are grown in environmentally controlled, plastic on steel structured greenhouses.

The crops are grown on beds, of soil, and are fertigated with nutrients and water supplied through a drip irrigation system.

Pests and diseases are managed by a daily scouting programme and the spray routine is guided by the use of only chemicals which are, MPS approved.  An Integrated Pest Management programme has been introduced to help minimise the usage of chemicals.

Our quality standards focuses on minimising the time spent on the processing from greenhouse to cold room, and the time while flowers are out of post-harvest solutions during the grading process. We ensure that our, on farm cold-chain procedures are closely monitored, maximising our ability to export above acceptable quality flowers, in vase-life and freshness.

Luxaflor Rose is constantly in touch with markets and breeders, to ensure that we stay abreast with new  varieties, colours and trends.

Introduction of new varieties is done through a process of:

  • Identification - both by market and breeders
  • Trial – on farm, under our environmental conditions and management
  • Market acceptance – samples sent periodically for testing of quality, vase life and consumer response.

Some of the varieties grown are:-

  • La Bell
  • Belle Rose
  • Glow
  • Aspen